Monday, February 23, 2009

Anna updated and preview

Okay, there have been a few requests for more details about the axles. I cannot say how well they ride, for I have not gone out on the road yet with her. I am however very happy with the way she sits.

One of my biggest trepidation was that the new axles would lift her higher. I like the low rider look. It feels more classic to me to see an Airstream riding low, than jacked up like some Prowler or Bigfoot. When level, the wheel cut out rides about a half inch below the top of the rims. Now all of the Inland converts will come up to me and tell me how I need new axles, but I will just smile and set them right. I asked Colin to keep it low and he came through with flying colors on that request.

The new running gear looks very nice and clean. All wired in and ready to roll. I feel fairly good about the way the project came out even if it was a lot more work than I had expected. Hope that answers the questions sent my way.

The latest project was to install the name plate.

I sent my original to Vintage Trailer Supply to be copied. If you have a 61-64 Ohio built International Overlander, well now my friend, you can get a new name plate. I will use some Olympic rivets to hold it on. I had to leave it clecoed on, for I was all out of Vulkem. Unfortunately Fastenal was closed by the time I realized that I did not have a tube on hand. Manana, amigo. ¿Por qué hace hoy lo que usted puede postergar hasta mañana?

And now for a preview...

Yes, that is a busted out window. We had a big windstorm and my truck cap was leaning against the shop. Well, it kind of attacked Anna. Actually the wind flipped it into her. No big deal it is just a piece of glass.

I need to fix this one anyhow. That crack is the result of rough Central New York farm roads and running on sagged out axles. I guess a window repair seminar is about to hit this blog with in a few days.

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utee94 said...

Well Frank, you've been wanting to perform a window seminar anyway. Here's your chance.

The new nameplate looks great.