Friday, February 13, 2009

Bones for my blogger buddy

More bones being thrown in Marcus's direction. His continuous badgering has gotten way under my skin and put a little vinegar in my piss. I can take any challenge head on and this the perfect pressure point release. Time to change out those damn axles.

I dragged Anna up on the concrete parking pad and rolled the rear wheels up on two sets of boards. The front wheels are dangling there an inch or two off the ground.

I removed the front wheels and proceeded to spray PB blaster on all the nuts. I then tried to get something to budge. No results. More BP Blaster followed by more attempts with no results in getting anything to loosen up. Tomorrow I will get out the sawzall and just cut the bolts off.

But the point of all this is to let Marcus know that he has lit a serious bonfire. Sometimes bonfires become forest fires...


Steve C said...

I met Marcus this past weekend at the Texas Vintage Airstream Rally. Since we're in the same town, I'm half-expecting him to show up in my driveway one day, blowtorch in hand, saying "Let's do this thing." Sometimes we need a kick in the butt and he's the guy winding up for a swift one.

Anonymous said...


About the bolts - It's "lefty-loosey, righty-tighty"...

Just kidding.

Glad to hear the weather warmed up enough to work on the axles.


utee94 said...

Frank, a wise man once told me that if bolts aren't loosening up, to hit them with some heat. So, wind up your heat gun (no, not the cheap Harbor Freight one!) and go to town.


I don't have a blowtorch, so a crowbar will have to suffice. I'm ready when you are, where's the stuff to break apart?? :)