Tuesday, August 9, 2011

You Are Now Entering a Recharging Zone

Our Family reunion came to an end and since we were right next door to our favorite State(of mind) we headed South to Nuevo Mexico. Collectively our family was hoping to recharge it's batteries. Nothing nourishes the soul like New Mexico. First we needed to recharge the belly. First stop, some local, greasy spoon, for haute cuisine.

Beth's choice was a total classic. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, chilaquiles fits the bill. She managed to get half the plate in her before the gauge hit "FULL". I will let her off the hook, for nothing will fill you like this meal will.

I am a HUGE green chili cheeseburger fan. I ordered mine with, yep, the green sauce. When it came out smothered instead of gringo style(on a bun) I was totally stoked. Three fries remained on my plate. It was good and I was hungry.
The kids both had chicken fingers. I almost asked them to sit at another booth.

Next stop, El Prado. El Prado is a sleepy suburb of Taos. If you ever have been to Taos, you would understand the humor in that statement. Taos is as laid back as it gets and it couldn't pass for a suburb, let alone having a suburb.

Leslie and Jonathan have been allowing us to free load off of them for a few years now. We love staying with them because they make us feel like family and their house is so comfortable for us. We have many similar tastes and much of their house is identical to ours. We do not have a ski fence going however.
WARNING: This may get hippie dippie, touchy feely....
During a previous visit to Taos we met a man from the Pueblo. We were telling him how much we loved Taos and that we thought about moving there. The Pueblo People practice Catholicism, but also their original religion based on nature. He told us about the mountain and it's control over those who lived within her sight. He told us that if the mountain accepted you, life would be filled with happiness, but if it did not, no matter how hard one tried, life would always be very difficult. Eventually it would wear you down and that either you left or you would die. I did not really know if to believe the man or not, but often thought of what he had told us.
It has been very dry and hot in New Mexico all summer. When we arrived, so did a good long soaking rain storm. The land needed it, and it really cooled things down.

However upon the mountain something else arrived with us. One rainbow formed, then a second, and to my astonishment, so did a third. It almost felt like a sign to us. Was the mountain welcoming us back?


Nicki said...

We've seen more rainbows on this trip than I've seen in my lifetime. Does that mean the gods are smiling on us?

dc said...

Sounds like you make the mountain very happy when you are there.