Monday, August 15, 2011

Another Restaurant Review? No, Two.

I will not lie, I love to eat. I think I have been very open about that on this blog. When I find a good meal, I like to share my experience with anyone that will listen. I need to tell you about two super places. I hope you all visit both. Sorry neither have websites, but both are on Facebook.

The first is Prost. Not Prost in Aberdeen Maryland, which is also way beyond good, but the one on Main Street in Frisco Colorado. Being about 80% German, I am drawn to any restaurant offering German food. Like the percentage of German in me, 80% of the time it sucks. To my total astonishment, Prost exceeded all my expectations.

The menu is simple Gausthaus fare of sausages, cucumber salad, potato salad, and an awesome Tellar plate(cheese, cured sausage, pickles, and bread). The draft beer is as good as it gets, real imported draft beer. We loved this place so much that of the seven days in Frisco, I visited five of them. Nothing like a weisswurst and a liter of beer at 9017 feet!

The second place needing to be highlighted is actually one of my five favorite restaurants (oddly two of my top five are in Taos) The Guadalajara Grill is a flat out 10ten10. The food is a perfect distillation of authentic Mexican and New Mexican cuisine. No bullshit TexMex here!!! I am always so excited when we pull up that I forget to take out my camera.

They have all the usual stuff on the menu and also some great specials. Chili beef colorado was my pick for the night. Not even a smear of sauce remained on my plate.

We come once or twice a year and this guy remembered me. He asked me why it has been so long since I came in, he even asked why I cut my hair off. I was astounded he remembered me, because lots of long hairs come in. I think it is in the dress code there. They do a brisk business and there must be a flood of faces. I told him I live in Baltimore and in all honesty it has not been that long. I asked if he would deliver to Baltimore. It is under consideration...

Once again, super clean operation. The place is no frills, but the kitchen is spotless, and food flawless. Just like the arrival excitement, once the food hits the table, I loose all focus of taking photos. Maybe next visit.

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Shawn said...

" No bullshit TexMex here!!! " Hey now, I take offense to that, being from Texas!!! TexMex is a breed unto itself, but it's no bullshit!