Sunday, July 10, 2011

I Wants

I want to say "THANK YOU" to all those that attended. Everyone was an absolute pleasure to be around. The group dynamic was like no other I have encountered. After last years Bash, I thought it would all be down hill but instead, I feel we are on a smooth road, climbing uphill. It is my hope that everyone who attended this year will be with us for Bash III in 2012. The hosts have learned a lot and feel next years event can and will be even better that this years.

I also need to say "THANK YOU" to the Coopers. Their campground is just like it should be. I have often used the term "20 years out of date." That is a compliment not a put down. Coopers Lake Campground is out of date in the right way. They do not shoe horn you into a space where your awning is touching your neighbor. There are no concrete pads you must park on. They give you grass and trees instead. You can park where you want and this gives each rig their own version of an ideal site. The facilities are not fancy, but very functional. I kind of wish I had taken pictures inside their store. Slurpies, ice cream, and lots of candy for the kids. Sodas, lunchmeat, and even bread. Tools, hardware, and supplies to make repairs to your rig. Hammocks, lawn chairs, and folding chairs. If they do not have it in the store, you most likely can do without.
Their staff must be complimented also. They helped with anything we asked. They were always present without really being seen. If an issue came up, they took care of it instantly. They treated us very well and charged each of us very little to do it.
The Coopers were also very complimentary toward our entire group. We were told how polite our entire group was. They told us that our kids were all very respectful at the store. The Coopers also liked that we left our area so clean. The weekend before 2500 bikers had used the area we were in. They left behind a great deal of trash. Many in our group spent considerable effort to clean this stuff up. All of these small actions paid off in spades because the Coopers have made us an offer for next year we cannot pass on.

BASH III will be July 3-8 2012 next year at Coopers Lake Campground. Put it on your calendar.

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It's on the calendar!!