Thursday, July 7, 2011

GOOD MORNING AMERICA(and canadians too)

What a beautiful sight it was every morning, to roll out of my trailer and see this across the lake. There is nothing like the early morning light for a photo. I often love to roam about snapping photos before the sun gets too high in the sky. Why get up so early? To cook breakfast for everyone. Coffee service began at 6 am.

A full breakfast was served at 8 am officially. Our volunteer staff was so efficient this year we were able to start serving earlier most mornings.

Doug and his Brother in law made a heck of a pancake team. Doug purchased that fancy pancake maker from a Club whose unit folded. I bet we served 600 pancakes over the four days time.

There was home fried potatoes, bacon, sausage links, and eggs to order. We even had corned beef hash one day. There is talk of sausage gravy or chipped creamed beef for next years menu.

But the key to the breakfast was third shift. The clean up crew made it all sparkle for the next morning.

Don made a tremendous contribution to our Saturday dinner. He began trimming six pork butts of all the fat and skin on Friday morning. He then applied a secret dry rub and let them rest in the refrigerator until mid night. For the next 18 hours they slowly cooked in his smoker. The pulled pork was unreal. Don drove a home run, touch down, and a bulls eye all at once.

Tom and Juliet know how much I like bacon. When they saw these at the Rustic Bakery they brought me back two. Maple glaze with smoked bacon. It was actually very yummy. I didn't eat them both. I cut them into pieces and passed them around.

Rose and Diana are two of the Scotty Camper Enthusiasts that joined us. They also came to last years Bash. These ladies make the best kettle corn. It is a perfect blend of sweet and salty.

The show that is part of making it is something to behold.

It gets very exciting to see all the kernels trying to jump out of the pot. With in moment their entire batch was in the hands of the masses. Everyone wanted a bag.

We had some fun activities for young and old. Model rocket workshop took place. I had kits of different skill levels. Hank was a tremendous help, having worked for Estees.

Even Antsy's posse got into the building of rockets.

Here is the group of rockets I helped the kids with. This kit is the Zippy. They were real nice flying rockets.

Sig had three of his kids building rockets. I think all three built different kits. He said he was about 10 the last time he did this. I suspect Sig will be building rockets and launching them in the near future at home.

I know Bill will be. He had a great time building them and launching. His daughter Gabby launched hers four times I think.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 ...


Lisa put together a tye dye party. It is so fun to tye dye. Young and old were dying shirts.

Groovy Bash wear.

Some very creative shirts were produced.

There was face painting. Hanna gave her sister Rebeca an awesome face painting in honor of the Fourth of July and Wally's birthday.

Obie the Clown also did face painting. He showed us how a clown paints his face.

I never knew there were so many steps to doing it. The whole show he did was to demonstrate that clowns are not scary as some kids think. What a great performance and lesson. Obie is awesome and a damn good clown too.

Thanks Obie.

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Nicki said...

Now I craving bacon, pancakes, hashbrowns, and donuts......yum!

It really does look like you guys had fun.... groovy tie dye shirts. Something I've always wanted to do.....