Saturday, August 15, 2009

My really KILLER weekend Part 6

You might ask what this post has to do with Airstreaming. Well, it all took place during my weekend and to me it was all part of the adventure. I probably would not have had the experience without my Airstream.
Just down the road from Rob's Farm is a beautiful river. It is actually called Canasawacta Creek. It is a very beautiful creek with lots of little waterfalls along it. This eventually feeds into the Chenango. Most people buzz up Route 23 never notice the creek much because they are so busy maintaining maximum speed. There is however an old mill in South Plymouth that has been many businesses over the years.
The mill is currently a Church, but behind it is a beautiful water fall. My buddy Ace and I were off fetching bacon for breakfast and I made him stop so I could see the falls first hand. I had always wanted to see it and there was no time like last weekend.
I do not know if the flow was low or high, but being up close and personal with the falls is a wonderful feeling. Even a small waterfall like this has a good deal of force behind it. It is a shame the mill does not still run making some fine crafted products.
The rock is in very thin layers and it is kind of broken into rectangles. This makes for an excellent flow of water over the rock. The rock is not too terrible hard and can be broken off in sheets. I just happened to notice an odd shape on the rock surface. The fossil hunter hat came on and presto...

It is not so often that one finds a fossilized shell. The imprints of the shell are frequently found in stone of this type, but to find the actual shell replaced by mineral is a different story. Many millions of years ago this entire area was a sea bed. Today it is bucolic farm land.

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Karen said...

Hey Frank,
Beautiful pics of the falls. I can hear the noise just from looking at them. Happy Birthday!
-Day after Frank : )