Monday, August 10, 2009

My really KILLER weekend Part 4

One of the greatest things about a good rally is the kids. At the Just Camping weekend the kids were close to matching the adults in their numbers. To me, as a parent, I find this to be a sign of a very healthy Unit. We are bringing in the next generation for the club.
Dick and Ethel Perkins, are kids in their own minds. Here they are eating pizza with the teenagers in the group. They might not listen to the same music, but they know how to have a great time just like the kids. When I grow up, I hope I have the spunk to get around like Dick does. He and his lovely wife are up in the Adirondack Mountains camping this week too.
Boys got to be boys this weekend. Swimming, fishing, drinking too many sodas, and lots of grab assing around was what any young man needs every once in a while.
I know my Halle had a great time. She could be found often bare footed in her party dress.
This toy kept the kids busy for hours at a time.
They took turns being trapped inside. The youngest never tired of it.
Good things the boys were off hunting frogs or something similar, or they might have realized they could toss each other up in the air with that thing.
Hope Rob does not mind, but these two have a future together. Halle is reading to Braedon and he actually seems to be listening. That won't last, he will soon get good at pretending to be listening.

The kids are always first in line for food. At Happy hour, breakfast, or dinner they were not shy about stepping up. They jumped right in there for the steak dinner which I just might post about in Part 5. I am just so glad to see so many kids enjoying them selves together.


Kelly said...

What a great weekend we had with you, your family, and the rest of the group. It was worth every mile. Thanks for the morning feasts and all the fun. Can't wait until next time...

silverhobby said...

Thanks for posting, Frank. It let's me know about the rally I had to miss. Looks like a great time was had by all attendees.