Sunday, January 25, 2009

Christmas in January and obstacles to over come...

Anyone that knows me, knows that I am a Vintage Airstream Podcast super fan. I have been honored with being on the show numerous times. I had a hard drive crash a few months ago and lost everything including the old shows on my I Tunes. Tim Shepard had to drop the first 50 shows from the server due to the tremendous band width it was taking up. So the first 50 episodes were lost to me. But now Tim, Rob, and Colin have put the first 30 on disc. There are 10 episodes per disc and each disc is a measly $10 donation. I suggest donating double per disc to mess up the whole system.

To get your own set go to Make a donation and they will come to you promptly. Like I said, buck the system and donate a double contribution per disc. Maybe Tim will be kind enough to release the next set sooner that way. He has put these out in super high sound quality, and they are actually better than the original podcasts were. Seriously folks, this is a must have item. You don't have to donate double(but should). Just make a donation and get your own.

Now for something totally different... A year ago there was a mountain of mulch between Anna and the road.

I had to spread it before any work could begin. Well this year here is the mountain.

Okay, okay, it is not a mountain, but it is about a cord of rock maple, and I spent the entire day yesterday cutting and splitting it. I have been splitting wood by hand like this for years. As a younger man I was able to produce three times this much in a day. This is a part of life most people down South have no concept of. Cutting, splitting, and stacking of firewood to keep warm. Between my house and shop, I burn about five cords per season. For those unfamiliar, a cord is 4 x 4 x 8. What you see here is very prime burning. It should keep us warm for about a month.


Anonymous said...

Aahh Frank. I recall a time when we were splitting wood at my parents place and you said "why are you bummed the old man is makin' you split wood, I think it's cool. We could do this all day for all I care." (Guess Who)

Frank's Trailer Works said...

Folks, this guy is no longer anonymous, his name is Steve. Steve was my best friend in high school, He now lives way far away in the Republic of Texas. There is more to the story, but I will leave it out.We have both matured and no one wants to know the dark side of the story. yes, still think about that day at your parents house... Your brother Dave bribing us to do his share. thanks for the comment Steve.

Anonymous said...

The pleasure was all mine Frank. Good luck on your new endeavor.I have been faithfully following your blog and the others attached to it for some time now. There sure is a great group of people doing the "Airstream Thing" and I am just a little bit envious of the fun you guys are having. -Steve

Anonymous said...

"This is a part of life most people down South have no concept of. "

Interesting comment. Here in Alabama, most of the guys that live in the Best Parts of the state (outside of the city in the county with lotsa land to roam) heat with wood. While I depend on natural gas for my winter heating, I keep at least a rick of wood around for the occasional or needed fire. MY younger days found me felling trees & splitting logs for whoever wanted my help. I'm on my third chainsaw now. Fond memories, but my fossil-fuel furnace is easier.

I thought everyone up North used fuel-oil-fired furnaces. Ya learn something every day.


Frank's Trailer Works said...

No oil in my house. The smell of it makes me sick. We heat with good old lay me over the log and drive it home natural gas. The wood supplements the expensive gas. I guess I was not thinking of Alabama, but more like Texas. I guess some out there still cut and split their own wood. Within a mile of me, very few do. They call up Gene the firewood guy and he comes and dumps a mixed lot of stuff on the drive way. You pay him $185 bucks and he drives away.