Monday, January 12, 2009

Bon voyage and the aborted homecoming

This morning I hooked up the 66 Overlander and took her down to the Port of Baltimore. She went to a facility that deals almost totally in used vehicles. They were lined up bumper to bumper in mile long rows. Dozens and dozens of rows of used cars. There was also a great deal of heavy equipment. Excavators, graders, bull dozers, all used and waiting to be put on a boat.

I was escorted to an area with motor homes and many power boats on trailers. The escort told me to back in next to a fairly long cigarette boat and unhook. The bumper was literally five feet from the water. A million dollar view of the Baltimore Harbor. After I unhooked and took off my temporary tow lights I was handed a stamped paper and told she belonged to them now. So the only logical thing to do was to go fetch Anna. This is where things went drastically wrong.

I have been storing her at my good friend Micheal's house. I backed across the yard and hooked on. Checked all my lights, made sure everything was secure, and started forward. The truck went forward about four feet and lost traction. I put it in reverse and gently tried to go backward. I went about Three feet and lost traction again. I tried going forward and nothing. I unhooked and still no traction. I had my jack so I jacked up the entire side and set the wheels on boards. The boards were all wet and the tires slipped right off repeatedly. I did this three times and went into a rage. During that rage I floored it and out of the mud came the truck. I will try again on Wednesday when the ground will have frozen for a couple of days.

Sorry Anna, you have to spend a few more days away from home...


Anonymous said...

That's great news that the sale is now complete. Sorry to read about the mud, though. I had a similar thing happen when I needed to retrieve a boat once. Had to get a friend with 4-wheel drive to come over since the ground, around here, does not freeze as often as it does where you live.


Marc (3ms75argosy) said...

Hey Frank, I know how that is... we got stuck in a campgroung once... even the 4x4 that was trying to pull us got stuck... took an old ford tractor to pull the van and trailer out. BUT! I had a thought for "next time"... How about putting your snow chains on.. that should get some traction if the frozen tundra won't let you go. Sand also helps on the snow around here.

How fustrating... but take it easy.. Anna will come home eventually.

utee94 said...

"Hippie Rage" is something I hope I never witness first-hand.

Hope you can bring her home soon, amigo. I'm ready for some Anna updates. Surely there is an axle post in the future?