Saturday, December 27, 2008

a guy never forgets his first girl

I have gotten some interesting comments lately. Most of then I have not published. Seems rescuing a trailer from a destiny of becoming a hunting camp is a dishonorable action. Seems that finding said rescued trailer a new owner that wants her to be restored back to her original condition is wrong. That doing this is an act of greed on my behalf. It can only be greedy, for the new owner is a German and he is willing to spend his tainted Euros on an American trailer. So greedy and dishonorable was my actions that I will do it again. But enough about that rant and enough of the negative comments please. I am a greedy bastard and all I care about is the Euros, yes that is true, I got the point.

So, a man never forgets his first girl. I have been thinking about her so much lately. The deadline I placed for starting the front end work has passed and even with my extreme optimism I do not think I can pull off a complete front end before next years camping season. Yesterday I went over to see Anna. Boy is she beautiful and I miss seeing her every morning when I wake up and look out the window. I sure cannot wait till the greed trailer gets out in the yard this week. I want my girl back home. The main reason for going and seeing her was to double check measurements for new axles.

Interesting thing about the measurements, many years are the same. Everyone talks about how each year and model has a specific sizing. Some claim that the serial number specifies the sizing and that only they know the right size. Anyway, I have the measurements for my trailer confirmed. 57. 875" outside of frame to outside of frame, 74.375" hub face to hub face. It took serious rocket surgery to read the tape measure, that is for sure. One interesting thing I did learn; The street side hub face is 1/8" further from the frame than the curbside hub face is. Those Henschen guys need to tighten up the quality control. I wonder if I should specify that Axis Axles build my new ones off center too.

The other reason for going to Anna was to put her rubber back on her. I sometimes wake at night wondering if the cribbing might have shifted and she had tumbled to the ground. Now I have one less thing to worry about. I just cannot wait to hook her up and bring her home. Daddy is going to get her new axles, a new gaucho, convert her sheet metal astrodome to a Wally hatch, and finish the polishing that was started last year. Hopefully I get all that done by April.


John said...

I am unknown in the AS community. I do not own one. I love them, I want one. I am completely hoping that my wife will take the hint I gave, telling her that Tin or Aluminum is a perfect 10th year anniversary present. I have other projects in the way first, but I will make it happen.

So, that tells you who I am.

But, for the people commenting that you're doing the wrong thing about trailers... don't believe them. YOU have YOUR belief about trailers, you have your feelings about how things can and should be done. And @#$% @#$% it, if you want to fix up a trailer and send it to Europe for someone, so be it. If a trailer is going to languish in a field and you rescue it, it's your right to do what you want with it. Not every trailer should be preserved in its exquisite prime condition or restored. Some just can't be brought to that point. And, well, some shouldn't! I'm seeing a picture of Anna right now with an air conditioner on top. SACRILEGE! some will cry. Bull5h1t, say I. It's YOUR trailer. It's YOUR comfort. It's YOUR FAMILY'S comfort. For those who have this holy notion of what to do with a trailer, of whatever age, they are certainly entitled to go out and buy up all the old trailers and restore them to their pristine factory condition. If they can't do that, then they can just sit on it. Shut their traps and stop telling YOU how to do things and let you do things to keep these american icons on the road, in whatever way people choose to keep them. I do not want to own a factory trailer. I want the trailer to be rebuilt by me, for me. I want it to serve me. And isn't that the idea of airstream? There were so many options, so many different ways to get them - isn't that the idea?

No, don't pay them any mind. Don't worry. Are we bitching about matthew mcconaughey wanting X, Y and Z in his trailer? Are we whining about him (well, his production studio) wrapping an AS in a skin of movie advertising? He wants his trailer how he wants it and people are building it for him.

And damn it, if you want to help people build their trailers for themselves, well, do it.

Grrr... it's YOURS. You paid for it. Make it yours. Or, if you're makign a business of it, make it your customers.

Okay, I ranted WAY more than you did.

Anonymous said...

Frank, don't worry so much about such exact measurements for the axel. I've found that a large hammer and impact gun can make anything fit. It's not really rocket science.

Marc Weimer said...

You're my hero, Frank.

Plus you even know where Cheektowaga is!

Marc (3ms75argosy) said...

Heh Heh... now Frank, there are jealous people out there.. don't let them get you down.

I think it's fine for you to do whatever you want to do... heck, I even liked the ASLife painted Argosy!!! Besides, my wife's half German... and I like German things... what's not to like about an AS going to Germany, with someone who wants to care for it?

Anyway, I never got a good look @ Anna's new name on the side.. I like it!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and the family.
Take care, stay happy!

Skip said...

First Happy New Year, my friend!! May your new business be successful and profitable!!

B. I am interested to see how you like your Axis Axles. Please report when done.

III. That's an ambitious to do list!! I only want to put a fridge in mine.

Marc (3ms75argosy) said...

Frank - I saw that you were looking for a thick polishing pad... try this link (they have some about 6" thick"


alumanutz said...

Did you check out Uve"s polishing method? It is on his blog. At least you have (or should) some polishing music!


Frank's Trailer Works said...

Oh yes the polishing CD... I do look forward to playing that disc. It is in a drawer waiting for the polishing to begin again. I have not listened yet. I want to have everything ready to go, then push play as I turn the polisher on.

Tom said...

Frank, I met you at the Vintage Trailer Jam. I can't imagine someone being more enthusiastic about Airstreams than you (well, maybe Rob.)

Don't worry about the grief - no matter where it is in the world, someone will now be enjoying that trailer. (Anyway, it's not like you sent an 1980 Caravelle (like I'm looking for) overseas....) :)

Brad Norgaard said...

Don't worry about it. Let others think what they may. They didn't buy it, although they had the opportunity just as you, do with it what you will. It will be loved and well taken care for. Especially if someone is going to the trouble and expense of shipping it overseas, you know it will be cherished. Don't give it another thought.

I look forward to seeing how your Wally hatch comes out. Keep on keeping on.