Sunday, December 7, 2008

ain't she sweet

Before she leaves me, I wanted to document the sisdysix. I was told that she was to be sold "as is" and that the buyer needed me to do nothing. He actually told me to do nothing more, but I feel a bit of attachment. I had to finish cleaning her up.

So yesterday I gave her a bath. This is probably the first bath in well over twenty years. I was astounded by the shine that appeared almost instantly.

I used more of the Clorox Clean up, and it completely ate away the fungus covering her. That stuff is incredible and I cannot recommend it more highly for cleaning anything that is filthy.

Here is proof of how well it works. That is no scrubbing, just sprayed it on and allowed to work for one minute.

Come on in and take a look....

Kind of hard to believe I took a pick up truck load of trash out of here...

Or filled a 12 gallon shop vac of mouse droppings and hickory nut shells...

It is going to be kind hard to see this girl leave in a few weeks. I will get some exterior pictures for everyone to see soon.

1 comment:

utee94 said...

I told you you'd get attached!

She looks great, her new European owner will love her.

Now, I am looking forward to seeing your work progess on Anna. CBR will be here before you know it!