Monday, March 10, 2008

back to where I started...

I was able to get the inner skins back to where I was four months ago.

I purchased some Handi Fill at the orange box. This product appears to be an exact match to the original insulation.

I discarded the old nasty insulation and replaced the missing pieces with new.

I then riveted the new inner skins and the one recycled panel back in.

This is the exact time so many of these babies are put up for sale. Hey Rob, wanna buy a trailer?


Anonymous said...

So in these pictures, you saved two of the lower panels, but slid in 3 replacement panels?

I take it you will zolotone the entire interior afterward?

Just a newbie asking questions


Frank Yensan said...

I replaced four lower panels all together. I cut the side panels at the wheel wells so I could gain access to the "J" channel and all the elevator bolts. I had to make new panels that overlapped. I had extra aluminum so making new panels was no big deal. The curb side corner had a lot of corrosion so I wanted that to be new.

Fireflyinva said...

Frank, This looks awesome! Holy moley, how many clecos are there in there?

Frank Yensan said...

I purchased 50 cooper/ 1/8" and 50 black/ 5/32". There have been times that all were in use at the same time. I found it "safer" to drill a 1/8 " hole and get it all situated and then go back and get it all set with the 5/32" for rivets. Clecos are one of the coolest tools ever invented. As soon as you use them once they sell themselves.