Thursday, September 24, 2015

Forever Enchanted

We slid into far Northern New Mexico via Chama. We visited Chama a few years back taking the Cumbres Toltec steam train way up into the mountains. No train ride this time, just passing through. 

I commented in my last post about the landscape being bluer here in Northern New Mexico. There is that gigantic sky. 

We passed through Abiqui. This is Georgia O'keeffe country. Her house and studio is right there in those bluffs. Once again, we were just passing through.

Ojo Caliente was our destination for the day. This place has been featured in numerous post. It is a natural hot springs. It is extremely tranquil. We come here every trip to New Mexico no matter what. 

This is how I spent just about my entire day. It was broken up with a few dips into the springs. Relaxing to the eleventh degree.

That afternoon we headed over to Taos. We cut across the mesa through the Carson National forest.

We took a little short cut through the Rio Grande gorge. 

The gorge really is grand. 

We made it into Rancho de Taos just before the sun went down.

The next day we headed back over to the gorge. Our friend Jonathan set up some rock climbing for us.

Halle was completely in her element.

On our final day we went and saw the most photographed church in North America. Halle was still feeling very much in her element. She loved the adobe walls. She really loves it in Taos.

Saint Francis Assisi de Ranchos de Taos is a really beautiful church. It is built of traditional adobe and had just recently had it's annual coating applied. The mud glowed in the late morning light.

People come from all over the world to photograph this church. There was a German guy there with a rental car full of home made cameras. People with cell phones and people with telephoto Nikon reflex cameras were all snapping away. 

I was surprised to not see a daguerreotype being set up. 

This is actually my favorite photo from the trip.

I hope you enjoyed my brief two part tour of our vacation. It was incredible as always. I look forward to our next retreat back to the Land of Complete Enchantment.

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Pretty cool scenery.