Thursday, January 1, 2015


I knew by the sun rise it was going to a interesting day. A perfect day to go to DC.

Who can resist the stogy buildings filled with relics from our past history. Not me or the 100,000 give or take a few, people who ventured to the mall, that's who.

We went to the more current Museum of Natural History. I say current since most of what is on display still exist today.

Just about everything on display is dead however.

A few things are currently extinct.

Some items are serious mysteries to science.

I kind of dig science however.

I dig rocks. Both literally and figuratively. I have dug my own turquoise in Los Cerrillos. I know how to spell it correctly too.

I wish I had dug this rock.

A little heads up…  if you want to visit the Museum of Natural History; Get there 20 minutes before the door opens. Stand in the queue. Head right to the exhibit you want to see most and enjoy. By the time you get through that exhibit there will be so many people in the museum you will not be able to move. 

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