Sunday, May 18, 2014

(some of the) Beards of the Gettysburg Blue Grass Festival

This weekend I went to the 68th Gettysburg Bluegrass Festival at Granite Hill Camping Resort. We had a great time Airstreaming. I stepped into my artist shoes for the weekend.

It all began with this guy on Thursday about an hour after I got Anna set up for a long weekend. I asked him, "Can I take your portrait?" His response was, "Why?" I responded, "I am doing a photo series of guys with beards and you have a handsome beard, my man!" His response, as were the next 100 or so, was "Fuck yeah, Brother." 

No one turned me down. I got to know each one's name, what he did for a living, and was often invited for a drink. I got to know a 100 or so total strangers by taking one portrait photo.

Portraits are very difficult. Any good, professional photographer will tell you so. I selected some of my favorites.

I enjoyed the challenge.

The camera was even turned on me by this character below. He insisted I come to his campsite and drink a beer with him. 

 Earl said I had to send him a print, "And not one of those Walgreen's piece o' shit cheap ones, neither! A real print!" in exchange for taking his image. He told me he had just trimmed 6" off the week before.

I am so glad I did this project. I will be doing it again very soon.


Anonymous said...

Excellent photos of some great Bluegrass Men! It was nice to meet you and we've enjoyed blog and your portraits! Thanks for sharing.

TomW said...

One of your subject's image reminded me of the face of Jesus.


YMGW said...

Love the portraits Frank - great idea.