Monday, June 24, 2013

Knoebles Again(and again)

This past weekend we headed off to Knoebels for a weekend of amusement. This time it was six families with kids. Two Airstreams, 5 tents. This is probably the third or fourth time I have posted about Knoebels so I  will probably not make too much commentary. We stayed at Lake Glory as usual. I will have to make comment on Lake Glory;
 Most of the people who camp there have horrible campground etiquette. The boundaries of your campsite mean very little. People just wander right through without caring you are there. This was especially flagrant with kids in bathing suits, adults with spare tires carrying inflated tires, and fisherman, who are allowed access to the waters of PA and like to arrive before the sun comes up not leaving till the sun goes down. Don't leave  your coolers out. Kids in bathing suits, adults with spare tires, and fisherman get thirsty. We actually had two kids show up to breakfast. All the other parents thought they were someone else's kids and said nothing the first morning.

The lake really is a glory at first light.

Right under the sign was a trash can. It was full of beer, wine and liquor bottles.

Three families in for a day of fun.

I really wanted to ride the Yellow Submarine.

Super Moon? Seriously? It was just like any moon rise to me. My expectations were greater or my level of impression smaller. 

It did add to the lights we put up.

Thor told us to come back a second day. You better listen to the Norse gods!

We'll be back in a August....

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TomW said...

Looks like fun!

Chuck was kinda creepy, though.