Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Late Spring Tour of Rockwell Avenue

I thought I would post one for the gardner types. Spring is virtually over in Maryland and with it comes many things I love. This is my favorite flower. I cannot remember the name of it. About 10 years ago I dug it up along some railroad tracks in South Baltimore. It was a shinning beam of light in a wasted landscape. It has thrived in our yard. It is an annual plant and the seeds move around in the gardens at will. We never know where it will pop up next.

We have been adding edible plants into the flower beds. Blueberries have awesome fall color. The fact you can eat them makes it even better. This is the first year for this Polaris bush.

I generally pick non hybrid plants when I select fruit bearing items. These native Brunswick Blue were chosen for the texture of the plant. The fruit could not taste more like a blueberry should. One berry for the first year.

Ten years ago I planted a dozen asparagus crowns. We eat it from early April until mid june when it starts getting woody. Our patch gives us about 3 pounds every three days. Good thing I love asparagus as I do.

The tomatoes are all with fruit now. Not too much longer and standard lunch in our house will be tomato sandwiches. Dinner will be accompanied by tomato salad. All visitors will go home with tomatoes too.

Ah, the garlic. I was lucky to be given some garlic from Baker's Acres of Chenango. Instead of eating it, I planted it on the shortest day of the year. Harvest day is coming very soon. Never has the garlic crop looked so good.

And finally the peas. This year they were a very short crop. Normally we harvest a few weeks. This year, we picked them twice before they were done. Oh, well. More space to plant fall crops in.


Nicki said...

If you slice and and freeze some of those green tomatoes, one of these days I'll make you some fried green tomatoes. Just makes my mouth water thinking about them... .yum!!

TomW said...

I think I would wait till those green tomatoes are a bit bigger before frying.

Regardless, cornmeal with just a bit of flour (as a binder), salt, pepper, and bacon grease are all, in my opinion, one needs for the effort.


Rob & Zoe' Baker said...

You stir frying those Garlic scapes? The garlic looks great!

Rob & Zoe' Baker said...

Did you cut the scapes and eat any?