Monday, September 13, 2010

Informal and Fun

This past weekend we did yet another amusement park. We have been to Knoebel's Park four times now and each and every time has been a terrific time. There are very few old fashion amusement parks left like Knoebel's. Knoebel's is kind of locked in time up in the coal mining region of Eastern PA.

I have caught Anna looking at herself a couple of times in the bathhouse mirrors at Lake Glory Campground. Last time it was a cold rainy day. Fortunately this time around it was a glorious early fall weekend. The rain waited till Sunday to start.

I had put out word to the Airstreamer's Club that we were going and if anyone wanted to join us they were welcome to come. We had three Airstreamer's show up. VA-1 had invited some friends that lived locally to come and we had some friends come up and camp in their tent. Not a very large gathering, but one intent on having a good time.

Knoebel's is a great park, for you only have to pay for what you use. You buy a ticket book and pay for each ride individually. The tickets are good forever, so if there are some left over tickets, that becomes a built in excuse to come back. Everything at the park is reasonably priced. For example a cheeseburger with cole slaw and fries is $6.75. I think a funnel cake at Kennywood was $7. This is a working mans amusements park. You see lots of men wearing their coal miners hats and the whole family in tow. Many people bring a cooler and leave it on one of many picnic tables in the groove.

Most of the rides are very old school. The older rides tend to also have the longest line like the motor boats. I am fairly sure these were built right here at the park. They do not go fast or upside down, but you are in control of the steering of them.

.. or you can let your spouse do the driving and sit back. Just saying, you can if you want.

I used to only want to ride the scariest rides. I would head right to the fastest, most death defying roller coasters and ride over and over. Now a days, the simpler rides tend to have me smiling more. I still ride every roller coaster a few times, but rides like the motor boats and the Italian Trapeze give me a bigger thrill.

My kids seem to be taking the approach of most death defying and fastest now. I must be getting old. I hope it is I am just getting more refined. Seeing my kids laugh their heads off still gives me a thrill though.

Like I said, I still ride all the roller coasters. The Phoenix is probably my all time favorite roller coaster. The wooden ones always give me the biggest thrill. The Phoenix has lots of double drops which is another great appeal. All the way home Beth was trying to convince me that the Twister(also wooden, but newer and faster)was the better coaster. My opinion was not swayed. The wait for the coasters; less than five minutes.

The Flyer is something right out of the twenties. A very fun ride because the pilot can make their plane dive or sail up in the air. Simple but sweet for sure. This ride always has a fairly good wait for it.

Another ride right out of the twenties is the Whipper. Nothing death defying, just a sudden burst of centrifugal force at the ends of the track. Beth was whopping it up in a major way on this one.

And of course, I had to end the day on the swings again. Thank you all who came and enjoyed the weekend with us. Knoebel's is sure to appear on this blog for many years to come.

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