Friday, July 23, 2010

La casa de Tim es mi casa

A few years ago my friend Monty introduced me to a friend of his in Madrid New Mexico named Tim. We have visited Tim every time we go to New Mexico without fail. Tim is a gracious host and we take full advantage (but not for granted) of the hospitality he offers. No trip would be complete without a visit to him. Set course from Durango to Madrid...

There was nothing but rocks and dirt to see. Lots of rocks and dirt.

... and the Ghost Ranch. The Ghost Ranch is where Georgia O'Keeffe painted many of her works. She was a fairly well known painter that found solace and inspiration in the New Mexico landscapes. Her works hang in many museums around the world.

You probably know who I am talking about, but for a biography, here ya go... LINK

Some of them were actually not vaginas disguised as flowers. Just sayin'...

Tim has a very comfortable adobe house that just makes us feel at home.

The view from his house and studio commands a 280 degree sight line of some very beautiful terrain.

Those mountains are called the Cerrillos Mining District. From those mountains have come hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of gold, silver, lead, and turquoise over the past 400 years. There are a few others that were mined there also. Tim has a turquoise claim out there in those mountains and has taken me there many times. I didn't get to go this time, unfortunately. Tim took me to see something even more spectacular instead. I will tell you all about that in my next post. Maybe the one after that.

The views are breathtaking. Maybe it is the altitude that was taking my breath, also. Many of you have commented on my photos. I usually only let out my photos that illustrate my story that is being told. I take hundreds during a trip like this. I have an MFA in sculpture, and many of the photos you never see are influenced by my formal training. I am going to share a few this time without any commentary or story telling.

There was work involved in this trip, no, really. Tim wants to get an Airstream. He had spotted a number of them in his area and wanted to have me look at them before he goes knocking on doors, tracking down land ownership, and making offers. We went all over the place and I came to a strong realization that I know where the "lost" 35% are. Airstream keeps claiming that 65% are still on the road. The lost 35% are all in New Mexico. Holy crap, are there a ton of old Airstreams there. There are also a bunch of cool vintage SOB trailers.

I was captivated by this girl looking forlorn in the junipers.

She is more a house trailer than a travel trailer. I was told the tenants were more interested in homemade pharmaceuticals than paying rent and had to be removed.

A very common thing to see on many New Mexico trailers is hail damage. Oddly enough, the older Airstreams have less than the newer ones. Most every trailer we saw had this condition though.

Tim is still looking. My favorite one we looked at was a 52 Silver Streak. It was about 16 foot long and I will NEVER tell you where it was. Not even going to post pictures, for someone out there will be trying to find it if I do. I will be going back to do some knocking, some land ownership investigation, and some offering, for sure.

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