Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Aeyyee, I gaurrantee, dat was a goud ol time

Every year Beth and I ship the kids off to Grandma and head off to a Cajun music and food festival. All year long we anxiously wait for the Crawfish Festival to come back around. The first year we went there were just three rigs, this year there were 15 of us. Without fail we all managed to have a great old time.

The first order of business was to meet up with Elaine and Carl half way there. We enjoy getting there the night before. Last year we snuck into the venue under the cloak of night and felt like we had gotten one over on them. This year they were waiting on us. As soon as we drove in the camp hostess was there. I thought for sure we would be asked to go out on the road and wait like everyone else does. Instead we were warmly greeted and told they had our wrist bands.

The next morning Don came in leading a nice seven rig caravan. Flags were flying and horns were honking.

Let me tell you, it is so good to see our old friends again. Lots of hugs and kisses going all around...

Happy hour was promptly "ON". I actually think Happy Hour never ended till people went home.

Some in the group had no problem at all getting right into the party groove. I have heard of people getting drunk and putting on a lamp shade, but never seen anyone put the lamp shade on to get drunk.

Tim and Ed sure understand the point. They are both huge fans of the VAP. Tim kept treating me like some kind of celebrity. We took more than a few photos together.

Some of those photos were actually fairly good. Some were very incriminating.

If you run into Ed and Tim, be prepared to have a great time. They both know how to liven things up in a major way. Guys, hope to see you real soon, thanks for the great time.

Anna once again functioned flawlessly. With exception of the water heater blowing out once, and a ripe tank needing dumping upon arrival, we had no issues. Everything worked perfectly and nothing broke. How about those window awnings? Marti did a super fine job on them. I could not be more pleased with how they look. When closed they offer privacy also. Give her a call, she will take great care of you.

I took care of a few pounds of crawfish. They were very good this year. Last year they were a bit over spiced, but this year they were perfect. All the food we sampled at the festival was actually awesome.

Some just relaxed under their awnings, pleased in the fact of not being at work.

Dave unfortunately spent the entire weekend working. We never got to spend any time with him. Digital Soundboard was doing a fairly brisk business and he was on his feet the entire time. Maybe next year he will get to play a little more.

The music was excellent. Four stages to go to, all playing good tunes. Well, I actually never went to the kids stage. I can only assume that stage was rocking also.

My pick of the weekend would have to Anders Osborne. That guy can play guitar. He had the whole crowd rockin out. We bought his album and Beth smiled real nice and got him to sign it. Keep your ears open for Anders, he will be going places.

All around happy people with big smiles is all we saw. Jill and Nick sure had big smiles all weekend even though they had to leave their dogs at home.

Jane and Paul were smiling a bunch too. It is that smile on Paul's face that I always worry about though.

Like I said earlier, Happy Hour really never ended.

Diane and Tom were kind enough to let Crawfish be there very first trailer event. I think they will always be comparing this one to all those in the future. Tom is a nurse and he took care of my servere burn I got a week ago. He bandaged me up and I am actually on the mend. Thanks again Tom.

Oysters? Yeah, we ate a lot of them. Many first time oyster eaters were present. Not many left with out trying them. Some even went away loving them...

Something I loved was Mary's stuffed tomatoes. This is one of those things that looks so pretty it was hard to eat. Top billing for presentation with this dish.

How many cups stacked in your hand is that Don? I did not get the replacement sitting in front of you in the frame, sorry. I want you all to know how much I love this guy. He is the deepest guy I know. Always thoughtful, always kind. Don it is an absolute honor to be your friend. Thank you.

Beth and Mark were enjoying Galactic while sipping on some suds also...

Amanda on the other hand was just grooving away.

The group shrank significantly Sunday when many needed to get home for work. We all managed to keep the ball rolling though. It is very hard to get an Airstreamer down.

We enjoyed a wonderful sunset together and continued on with Happy Hour.

Unfortunately all good things come to an end. It is now time to get back to working hard for a few weeks so we can play again.


Anonymous said...


I thank you 1800 times....
Thank you for making me breakfast.
Thank you for drinking with me.
Thank you for grooving with me.
Thank you for listening to me,
for laughing with me,
and for staying the extra day!

Thank you for the extension cord,
the tips, the knowledge....

Thank you for hosting this year Frank.

Dude, you really need to take a look in the mirror!

The honor is all mine.

Love you,
See you in three,

Steve "Dancin" Hansen said...


This looks like about as much fun as a person can have without breaking the law...it is going on my bucketlist, right at the top!

See you in a couple weeks, blessed Lady of Acceleration willing.