Sunday, May 9, 2010

paying my club dues

I loaded up Anna and headed out solo this weekend. The goal of the weekend was to pay a little bit of dues to the Airstreamer's Club. I planned to make my payment in the form of erecting a water tower at Baker's Acres, the site of the Birthday Bash this summer. This was also going to be the first time towing with my new Dodge.

She towed great to say the least. Set the cruise control to 62 and let the turbo diesel hum.

Another TAC member wanted to pay some dues too. I met Ace at the New York line. He left his Airstream at home and brought his Scotty this weekend. You have to love a trailer you can tow with a Subaru.

We had one more helper on the project too. Rob's Dad came over with his 1958 John Deere 630. He used his auger to dig the four holes needed to erect the water tower. Thank you Mr Baker for your help.

We now have a 8 foot high platform with two 300 gallon tanks. These will be tied together and should provide plenty of water to the people attending the Birthday Bash.

A shocking development was waking up to a heavy dusting of snow. New York weather is very volatile this time of the year. One day your sweating in a T Shirt, the next day you are scraping ice and worrying about frost bite.


Aluminium Idler said...

Now that's the proper way to pay your dues, Frank. Nice work. Would love to head across the old pond for the Birthday Bash but can't justify it this year... maybe next.

Anonymous said...

New truck?!!
Hot damn, boy!
Can you turn this one?
She looks real purdie.
:^ )


Skip said...

That is a beautiful truck! Congrats!!

Nice job on the tower.