Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A few months back I wrote about Sam and his Boles. Some comments have come in and he wanted to respond to those comments but could not. I thought I would post his email and some photos. Hopefully this gives Neppy some answers and provides all of you something to read. I know it has been slow on this blog all winter. Anna is now out of storage and this blog will be rolling soon enough.

So, from Sam...

Hi Frank--
I just noticed a comment on your blog about the "stop" light on my Boles. I dunno if it is me or my senile computer but I cannot seem to respond to the person who made the comment and asked the origin of the light.
Maybe you could relay for me?

I took the light off the back of a 1956 school bus. Actually two of them. I remember them to be original on buses then. Yes, I was riding school buses then. When my Boles was built only one tail light was required and installed in the center. So in my rebuild I had a five inch hole in the aluminum to patch or fill and I elected to use the "stop" light to fill the hole. I don't think the "stop" lights were ever used on travel trailers, but I just couldn't resist. I always have liked something that would start comments or questions.

I took the Boles on its maiden (after rebuild) voyage last week. About 2 hours down a dirt road to a fishing hole. Nothing broke or fell off and the ice cream was in perfect shape three days later. I have a few more details to take care of (don't we always?) but it is pretty much complete. Now I need to get back to the Safari and do some "upgrades" for the trip to Minnesota for the family reunion in June. Time to get the Boles out of the barn and get the Safari in. Does it ever end?????

Spring is getting here ............... warm one week and snow the next. Typical for here.
Hope all is going well in your part of the country.

I never thought a message was complete if a few photos were not included. So ............ Riverside camp............


Neppy said...

Hi, I left the comment on the "STOP" light the other day. Thanks for responding! I guess it makes sense to put one on a bus, a nice big warning sign. The light looks great on that trailer, BTW. I plan to use mine as a third brake light on my '70 F250, which was also grampa's. I've always wanted a nice old trailer to yank across the country with it so, if I get one, the trailer may wind up with the light. Thanks again and junkyard buses beware!

utee94 said...

What a cool trailer. Sam, thanks for sending the info and pictures to Frank!