Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sam sent me a few more photos of his Boles. As I think everyone realizes, Sam is a very talented man. He is enjoying his retirement to the fullest and he sure has enjoyed working on this trailer of his.
There is that tall refer cabinet you saw as a skeleton. I like his comment he sent with the photo... "Freezer compartment is holding at about minus 5 degrees ...... just right for the ice cream with that warm cherry pie."
Sweet little sink. Remember these trailers had just the basic of services. They really were designed as a place to sleep while on a fishing trip or while hunting. My airstream is a house compared to the appointments in these little canned hams.

Now that is something I hope Sam never does. Keep on trucking Sam, you are doing a hell of an good job.

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Neppy said...

I've been skimming the pics on this blog and was nicely surprised to see another "STOP" light. I've got one similar which I removed from a 1960 Ford F600 (mobile home mover) that my grandfather owned. 7" diameter, stenciled black strip inside the lens? It's the only other one I've ever seen and I'd be interested if you or Sam have any information on it's original application. Maybe I've just never noticed but I don't recall one on a travel trailer before.