Monday, October 5, 2009

Final Rally of the year Part 3 (final post)

The campground was nice enough to have some kids activities. They were shutting down shortly after our weekend there, so it was Halloween a little early around the campground. I wish we had looked at the calender so we could have brought the girls costumes. Ava and Donal got very serious about their pumpkins.

The scrapping of guts seemed to be a very popular part of the carving.

Even Don got into the act. Nice shirt Don, where did you get that?

Halle didn't want to carve a yucky pumpkin. She was too busy working on her thumb. She takes her thumb sucking very seriously.

Donal just might have to go professional. He had a great time carving his pumpkin.

But the thing that I was most serious about was relaxing around the camp site. Talking with Ace and sipping a cold one was the perfect fit for me.

A little later in the day we went out to lunch at Haag's Hotel.
This place is a serious institution in Shartlesville. They serve Pennsylvania Dutch meals family style.

So what is a Pennsylvania Dutch meal? It is eaten family style. They serve you fried chicken, ham, sausage, potatoes, gravy, green beans, dried corn, carrots, pot pie, tapioca pudding, cottage cheese, apple butter, and bread. I know I forgot something, but you get the jest. We ate till we were too full and then we had a choice of shoo fly, apple, or cherry pie. Then there was also vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, or cookies and cream ice cream on the side or separate.
There was an Installation Rally going on. I thought it was special that recognition was given to some of the founding fathers of the club. I apologize but right after this my camera battery went dead and I did not get any photos of the new officers taking their positions. All of our officers are women now. That is what the pink bags are all about behind Tom and Don. They call it "the reign of pink. " Good luck with that campaign.

You cannot have a WDCU event without a potluck. Campbell are you eating you dinner? Saving room for that giant WDCU Tenth Anniversary Cake?

All good rallies come to an end and Sunday after I cooked breakfast we headed for home. Everyone seemed to depart at the same time. I had to go to the dump station and empty my tanks. My site was on a good sized hill and my trailer being vintage and the hook up on the site being the wrong side for me, caused the inlet to be higher than my outlet. I just used the tank all weekend. Going to the dump station had me near the end of the pack leaving. It was cool seeing the Airstreams going down the highway as far as I could see.
They dotted the highway as far as I could see heading West on I 78.

Hey, who is that? It's Ace....

It was Ace that is. Sorry brother, Anna is much faster on the road than that 1966 you tow. In all truth, Ace caught up to me and we traded a few photo opportunities back and forth as we caravanned together on I78 w then I81 s. That photo was taken as we parted ways at the turn off to the Pennsylvania Turnpike he had to take home. Ace, thanks for a great time. You are indeed a fun guy to hang out with.


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Final post... Period?

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Thanks for the followups; I enjoy your posts.

FWIW, I enjoy reading about the seemingly dull and/or mundane tasks associated with your projects (as you alluded to elsewhere). Keep in mind that many people read your blogs to have an understanding of a given situation when they get someone else to fix it for them.

But, I know the amount of work involved in posting about even trivial things (I have a blog myself).

Keep up the great posts.

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