Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The yard is done, time to play with my girlfriend...

So How did you spend your Thanksgiving weekend? I finished cleaning up, trimming back, and mulching our entire yard. By doing that I was able to work on Anna for the few hours that were not obligated to family events.
I now have all the old putty picked out of the window frames all the way around. It was very cold and I had to put on many
layers to keep from freezing.

Good thing I blew out all the water lines last week. The putty was actually easier to pick in it's semi frozen state. I have been using these dental tools that I bought at Harbor Freight.

Don't get too attached to these if you plan to use them as I did. This is the fourth set of 6. As you can see the bottom three
are beginning to deform, soon they will be worthless. The drip cap serves an important function in keeping the water out of the window frames and sometimes some strange panel overlaps.

Now, maybe I am paranoid, but that looks like a potentially serious problem.
Anna now sits with her seams picked clean and blue tape as a temporary caulk to keep the rain out. I need a full day to get all the frames injected with vulkum (AKA Trempro) and the drip caps re-installed. Anyone out there want to come by this weekend? I would be glad to feed and wine anyone that wants to stop by and help me... I'll even let you shave some rivets.

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